Inari Amertron Berhad: Spearheading Growth in OSAT arena

Top 10 Semiconductor Testing Services Companies in APAC - 2022

The technological advancements in semiconductor packing techniques are bolstering Asia Pacific’s semiconductor testing and assembly industry. Integrated circuit manufacturers are leveraging newer chip-packaging technologies–such as 2.5D ICs and 3D ICs–in their manufacturing procedures, ensuring a higher performance-to-cost ratio. Though these contemporary technologies are at their initial stages, their greater chip connectivity and lower power consumption characteristics are rising their popularity over traditional packaging configurations. This market trend is augmented by the high demands for the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable smart devices, compelling semiconductor equipment manufacturers to utilize modern testing and packaging technologies. Another driving force behind the growth of APAC’s semiconductor testing market is the growing inclusion of semiconductor technologies in automotive designs, with an average new vehicle having computer systems running 100 million software codes. APAC’s semiconductor testing market, hence, is set to register a compound annual growth rate of 4.7 per cent, reaching a staggering 42.5 billion USD market size by 2028.

This edition of Semiconductor Review APAC brings the spotlight on the key developments in APAC’s semiconductor testing segment and highlights how semiconductor manufacturers are leveraging contemporary technologies to adapt to changing consumer demands and market scenarios. The edition features the Top 10 Semiconductor Testing Services Providers in APAC in 2022, such as Inari Amertron Berhad. The company is one of the leading semiconductor testing service providers and renders DC and RF wafer testing, substrate moulding, and other related services.

This edition also features thought leadership articles by Adhir Mattu, CIO at Marvell, and Marco Chan, Vice President of Technology at Wise Ally Holdings, sharing their views on how semiconductor companies can leverage higher growth opportunities and how agile development of AIbased defect detection can be utilised in CNN.

We hope the valuable insights from industry thought leaders and the cutting-edge service providers from the featured companies in this edition help you make informed decisions. Let us know your thoughts/write to us about how you are leveraging these semiconductor testing services in your organization.

    Top Semiconductor Testing Services Companies in APAC

  • Inari Amertron Berhad is an investment holding company with wholly-owned subsidiaries involved in the OSAT services. The company is performing and provides DC and RF wafer testing, wafer back-grinding, wafer sawing, wire bonding, substrate molding, substrate sawing, chip sip assembly, and other related services.

  • TTS Group focuses on minimizing the total cost of final tests including R&D, design, simulation, and validation by relentlessly pursuing innovation, yield, quality, reliability, and on-time delivery for customers

  • Amkor Technology

    Amkor Technology

    Amkor Technology is a market leader in outsourced semiconductor packaging and testing. The company’s operational base includes production facilities, product development centres, and sales and support offices located in key electronics manufacturing regions in Asia, Europe, and the USA. Amkor offers a suite of services, including package design and development, wafer probe and package testing, wafer bumping and redistribution services, assembly, and final test.

  • Carsem


    Carsem is one of the world’s largest providers of turnkey packaging and test services to the semiconductor industry. It has three high-technology factories to ensure products meet the exact high-quality standards set by the automotive, power, and consumer electronics industries.



    ChipMOS Technologies is a leading semiconductor service company that offers a full range of back-end testing services for liquid crystal display (LCD), high density memory, and mixed-signal semiconductors. They customise advanced testing and packaging services to meet customer needs on a turnkey basis or by providing standalone testing and packaging services.

  • Formosa Advanced Technologies

    Formosa Advanced  Technologies

    Designed specifically for assembly, testing, and modules, Formosa Advanced Technologies is a Taiwan-based company with expertise in providing professional memory IC wafer testing, assembly, integrated testing and module services, LED die foundry (grinding, cutting, spot testing, binning), and LED packaging services

  • Integrated Services Technology

    Integrated Services Technology

    Integrated Services Technology (iST) is basically a laboratory for verification and tests of the electronic industry. It delivers the most reliable and competitive turnkey services in wafer sorting, customised assembly, CSP testing, laser trim, tape and reel, final test, and other assembly-related services

  • KESM Industries

    KESM Industries

    KESMINER industries is the largest independent provider of burn-in and test services in Malaysia, serving the top semiconductor manufacturers in the world. The semiconductor sector is served by KESM Industries Berhad burn-in, testing, and electronic manufacturing services. During the semiconductor manufacturing process, transistors that might be weak are weeded out via burn-in. The performance of such final items, such as cars, computers, phones, etc., depends critically on the dependability of these components

  • Sigurd UTC

    Sigurd UTC

    Sigurd Corporation is an impartial supplier of semiconductor assembly and testing services. Customers can take use of a completely integrated semiconductor backend manufacturing solution provided by the company by utilising cutting-edge IC assembly and test equipment and methods. They are one of the top suppliers of semiconductor test services, addressing either stand-alone or turnkey markets, to the operation of these advanced test equipment and technologies

  • Wintest


    Wintest Corp. develops, creates, and produces testing equipment used in the manufacturing of flat-panel displays and image sensors. For its customers, the company also offers technical support services. They are experts in testing LCD DRIVER ICs and image sensors, among other semiconductor ICs. The primary characteristics of the test system are its small size, high throughput speed, and low power consumption