Forging the Pathway to New - Wave Semiconductor

Forging the Pathway to New - Wave Semiconductor

Challenges and trends impacting the Semiconductor Tech space:

With the push into quantum computing and the gaining legitimacy of cryptocurrency, we do not see an end of overclocking silicon for maximum performance requiring sophisticated cooling solutions that result in the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership) for data center deployment.

Double digit growth in Automotive Silicon includes safety (ADAS) and Luxury Comfort such as AVP (Automated Valet Parking) resulting in liquid cold plates that are sandwiched between two PCB’s of electronics.

Chip shortages are well documented, but continued trends to larger diameter wafers will continue to allow for more die per wafer and offer some relief in supply. Increasing wafer size requires a chiller and larger liquid cold plates though.

Sustainability initiatives with respect to Semi-Fabs are leading to renewable energy sources and improved COP (Coefficient of Performance) of the products used within them, leading to liquid cooling systems with the best metrics.

Major predicaments in the Semiconductor Tech space: What keeps you up at night?

Across all areas of Semi-Tech, we see the rapid increase of heat in all key processes adding up to a point where there is a rethinking of cooling strategy.

Typically, aluminum is the wetted chemistry for many of the front-end systems while both aluminum and copper are used in back end systems.

Where there are vacuum processes, small increases in heat become critical in those environments.

• Boyd adds expertise in understanding the technology options where there are tradeoffs on performance and reliability while maintaining the highest quality levels.


• With the latest fab capability of 3 nm coming on-line the second half of 2022 from two foundries, we do not see the burgeoning liquid cooling system demand slowing down anytime soon.

• The challenge with Semi-Tech is the adoption of new technology that requires necessary and important reliability test data. Boyd is the trusted technology partner companies can go to for this innovative development.

Latest Project Case Study – Semi-Tech Cooling

• Boyd worked with a key supplier of OEM equipment and discussed liquid cold plate design options.

When discussing their coolant and the wetted chemistry of their chiller, we were surprised to see little end to end support.

Another surprise to us was the very tight flatness and surface requirements at the micron level; through process development we achieved what many thought at first what was impossible.

The quest for perfect surfaces is a trademark of the Semiconductor Tech industry, where silicon product is the technology.

Developing an operational process control, using SPC data, allows us to dial in repeatability and reproducibility.

Exciting Technology Trends in Semi-Tech Industry

Growth in Silicon Photonics adds additional complexity in the packaging periphery requiring innovative interfacing and cooling solutions.

“Boyd adds expertise in understanding the technology options where there are tradeoffs on performance and reliability while maintaining the highest quality levels”

Medical trends in Telehealth offer unique opportunities in sensor IC’s that can be delivered by Boyd into a wearable.

Renewable energy storage uses Li-Ion batteries requiring engineered materials, liquid cold plates, and chillers.

Micro / Mini LED growth along with the adoption and expansion of AMOLED displays, offers new and unique converting and labeling solutions from Boyd.

Packaging complexity of peripherals including DDR5 memory, RADAR, and other SOC devices require improvements in interfacing and heat spreading to a system solution.

AR/VR (augmented reality/virtual reality) industry is adding more and more sensors for an immersive experience; we see this expanding to human sized capsules with rapid heating and cooling in sync with the display with the upgrade of adding olfactory enhanced spritzes.

Shift to water from coolants such as HFE for liquid cooling systems for greener environment (sustainability initiatives).

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